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Rachel Strong, Owner

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I’m Rachel & writing personal bios is not my strength, but luckily that’s not what I do for a living. 

I believe people are much deeper than they can say in their “about me” section but here are a few things you should know! 

  • I am a jack (Jane?) of all trades. I have always loved design of any kind and have consistently fought with myself to “choose a niche” and “focus on one thing at a time”. It’s been tricky to choose a specialty. Still, I am most passionate about helping small businesses create a consistent brand from their online presence, and print material all the way to their brick-and-mortar buildings. 

  • I am a Colorado native who has tried to relocate several times but have always ended up back here doing the things I love like rock climbing, hiking, camping, and generally just being outdoors. 

  • I have been to 25 countries and cannot wait to visit more. I spent a large portion of my 20’s traveling and being inspired by the world. I bring these memories with me everywhere I go and try my best to create globally inspired designs.


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