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Au Pairing, How to Start

Updated: May 8, 2019

This is really the key question, isn’t it? Luckily for you, it’s not too difficult to start this process and be on your way to living in a new country. Check out my article on some things you should consider before you become an au pair here.

So, to begin, you’ll need to decide WHERE you want to go. There are SO many websites and helpful tools to get you started, but it’s important to know where you’re interested in living.

For me, I considered a few places, I’ll tell you why for each one. Italy - obviously this is where I chose! It was the win win win for me, the perfect combination of language (I know spanish, so i figured the transition wouldn’t be too hard), food, sightseeing, and visa requirements. England/ Ireland - also a good bet for me because obviously they speak english here, the food is always amazing in Europe, there's a decent amount of sightseeing/ it’s easy to travel around europe for relatively cheap, but the visa requirements were not something I wanted to research. Greece - SO BEAUTIFUL, I still want to go here someday and work. This time, the season wasn’t right (august to december) and the language is also very different from anything Im used to. Obviously there are lots of good sightseeing opportunities and the Greek culture is so fun and vibrant. Australia - This is a good option also because of the no language barrier, the food, the people, the sights and it’s super easy to get a year long visa from the states. In the countries where the language is english, I’m not really sure what the main purpose of an au pair is because my only job right now is teaching english. The other countries that AuPair World lists are Norway, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, America, Belgium and France. Here is a link to AuPair worlds description and family options for each country!

Once you decide where you’re going, it’s pretty easy. There are SO many platforms to sign up with but I would suggest,, or, I have personally heard success stories from all of these, along with the fact that they are very thorough websites where families have to pay to be on them, so there shouldn’t be any duds in the mix. From there, the process is easy! Sign up, and start your profile! Each website is really good at walking you through the process, but the part I always get stuck at is writing my bio and profile description, although, this is a KEY step to attracting families. I wrote a blog on how to write a killer bio here.

After that’s done, go ahead and start browsing! I would have a tab open with google translate, or if you’re on chrome you can have the auto translate option on, because some profiles are only in the native language. You can usually favorite families so you can go back and compare options! Usually when I’m browsing families I look at several things, see what they are here. That’s it! You’re on your way to becoming an au pair! Look into Visa requirements here for each country (some are easier than others).


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