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Honey, Don't Be Like a Bee

HEY Y'ALL - I'm doing a thing, hold me accountable ok?

Also like definitely constructive criticism is welcome.

All righty. So we're going to try this out. Welcome to podcast one of one way to wherever. I'm not sure what this is going to look like and I'm not sure what I'm always going to talk about but mostly sometimes I just have things to share and I want to share them on live or I want to share them somewhere. I don't know where to share them. So video editing is too hard and I don't think anybody watches my lives. So [00:00:30] we're just gonna do a podcast that way anybody and everybody can listen.

[00:00:35] You're welcome.

[00:00:37] So first of all I am not supposed to do this but I'm not an expert at living. None of us are really I don't think anybody can say like eminent an expert adult or whatever we all get knocked down all the time but sometimes I think we all hear insightful things [00:01:00] or think of insightful things and if we all shared them maybe the world would be a better place. So get the courage. Like I am right now to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. So I'm currently in Turkey. I've been here for a little over a month and a half month and three weeks. I leave in two days.

[00:01:30] And [00:01:30] that part is crazy in itself but that's not the point.

[00:01:34] The point is the other day and really every day I sit in this gorgeous beautiful open bright sunny front room it's filled with art and the whole front wall is a window that has a really nice shower curtain and it overlooks the sea like maybe to my [00:02:00] mom a mile. And then you can see the sea and mountains and the islands across the sea. It's just stunning. At night the sun sets right over here so the curtain turns like bright pink and orange and it's really breathtaking. But during the whole day we leave the door open. Basically all of the doors open and these bees come inside. And [00:02:30] what the bees do is they fly through the door and then they fly into the window or they fly behind the curtain. So they're in between the curtain and the window. The curtain is sheer so I can see them. And one day I was sitting there watching this poor bee. He was exhausted clearly but he kept flying into the window over and over and over and over again. And this was [00:03:00] the only method he was trying right. He was just sitting there making him so super tired flying into the window. Clearly I know it's not going to work. The window won't magically open like Harry Potter but he doesn't know that he sees light. He sees the outside that he wants to go pollinate flowers in and he can't get there because of this clear glass and [00:03:30] I was sitting there thinking about how often life is kind of like this and how often I've seen myself and maybe other people do this. Being really blinded by other opportunities or so dead set on one option or one opportunity that they just drive themselves mad running into the window and never [00:04:00] turning around or flying left of a little bit to see if there's another option.

[00:04:06] Some of them get out behind the curtain and they're flying around the room all crazy and that's fine but they still don't find the door. These poor things. And that's maybe to say that sometimes we need help right. If I would take a piece of paper and try and coax these bees out of the door they would make it but sometimes [00:04:30] we can't do everything on our own either and it's this this is life. So if you're flying into the window all the time and you feel tired and you feel like you're pushing the right opportunity or you're pushing every hard really dare every day really hard at work to try and get a promotion or to get because you know this is what you're [00:05:00] supposed to do. Maybe like sit down and evaluate and make sure that you're actually happy. Make sure that this is what you're actually supposed to be doing. Make sure that you don't need help or that you're flying in the right direction. Make sure there aren't other directions or other ways to get there. I think I've found that the things that happen the most naturally or organically in life [00:05:30] are obviously the easiest and usually the best I'm fighting something if I'm crying when I go to work if I'm exhausted. Usually it's not the right path and I've gotten pretty good at realizing this and sitting down and being like right then what's the path. Because this is not it. Sometimes we justify misery for no stinking good reason [00:06:00] why should we justify misery when we're only on this planet for such a short amount of time.

[00:06:08] Not to say that indulging in every brownie or I don't know a prostitute.

[00:06:17] What's your thing. Alcohol indulging in these things all the time is the best. Obviously everything in moderation. But if you're living a life that's making you miserable like stop it's not worth it. You [00:06:30] can find a different way to get where you're going. And to make things happen I know you can. So many steps maybe on how to get there and it will feel overwhelming and all these things but if you're miserable if you're flying into the glass if you're not finding the right solution to get where you're going. Re think think outside the box reconsider sit down and evaluate. I [00:07:00] do have a few exercises that I put together a long time ago when I was starting to want to be a personal coach about each. It's basically like a life reset questionnaire just like simple questions that help you evaluate what's going on in your life and where you are. So if you would like that please message me. I would love to send it to you and talk about talk about [00:07:30] it.

[00:07:30] Let's chat about it okay.

[00:07:34] I hate long podcasts. I think they're stupid.

[00:07:38] No offense to those of you that have them or like them but I have nothing else to say about it. So life lessons under 10 minutes with rage.

[00:07:49] Here we go. Have a great rest of your day and we'll talk really soon. Goodbye.

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Jim Irwin
Jim Irwin
Oct 06, 2019

Awesome 👍 ❤️

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