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Rose. Bud. Thorn.

I guess week three has come and gone and I would say my life here is still going well!  I’m on a train right now from Verona to Bordighera, a whole morning of traveling.  I had an awesome weekend with Niki, and I was sad to go, but I know we will see each other this next weekend in ROME! So exciting! I know its so important that I write down what I do every day because I get to the end of the week I look back and try to remember what I should write for the blog post and it all feels like a blur, I am so glad that I will have all these fun memories written down. It’s actually fascinating that time, day by day, can drag on and feel slow, but when you look back it all goes by extraordinarily fast.

This post will be in “Rose, Bud, Thorn” fashion:

  Rose This week my "rose" was coming to see Niki in Verona, there were plenty times my heart felt so completely full, and like I must be living some sort of dream. Walking through the streets of Verona, a little tipsy on a glass of wine with your best friend laughing is not something that can be duplicated, and I wouldn’t want to trade that memory for anything.  We walked about 18.75 miles in 40 hours, Verona was having a festival this weekend so it was packed, there was games and music and generally a fun spirit. I think it could be somewhere fun to explore more in depth and meet other people when I come to visit again!

Bud  This week's "bud" is also something sort of stressful, but is something I'm ultimately looking forwardto. I am actually planning to switch families by the end of the month. I met two families this weekend, one from Verona, one from Turin that both need an au pair stat. I feel like at the end of the day, it’s better if I can be closer to Niki since we’ll be traveling a lot together, and also I’m not sure the family I'm working for is a great fit. Which, it happens, it's no ones fault, it iswhat it is. I do feel bad about it but here I am. I will keep you all updated about which family I decide to live with! Either way I’m looking forwardto meeting new people again and the opportunities that it brings! 

Thorn  This week the "thorn" could be a lot of different things, it’s always tricky being out of your comfort zone. I would say though that the walking has been killing me, as much as I wish I could walk and walk, my feet HURT at the end of the days. I know it's probably not a lot but I average 10 mile days, and from 1-2 mile days to that is a big adjustment. I do think it’s so cool that as humans our bodies can carry us wherever we want, it’s incredible, but also hard, apparently.

I feel like I’m learning a lot about myself, about my confidence and resilience.  I will say, today, on the train home from Verona, were chugging right along, almost to Genoa when ALL OF A SUDDEN, the train stops. In the middle of the tracks, stops. For 2 hours we sat with no power and no explanation. I also hadn't eaten anything either because funny enough, in the morning I slept through all three of my alarms to wake me up to catch this train in the first place! I survived and am over it now, but its times like those where it's important to keep your composure and just take what life throws at you. I was hungry and so sleepy so I slept, and eventually I got food too. Nothing is ever permanent, remember it! 

Keep your fingers crossed for me that everything goes well guys!

Thanks for reading, Che vediamo presto! 


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