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5 "Must-Do's" on Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Thailand is such an incredible place. I stayed here for 2 months in 2019 and I wish I could describe the magic there, but I guess you’ll just have to experience it yourself.

There is something about the ‘energy’ of the island that is really nice. Its peaceful with the right amount of fun and cool people. I also have a more comprehensive guide to Koh Phangan, here.

Chaloklum Beach in Koh Phangan Thailand

1. Relax on Chaloklum Beach

This beach is by far the most beautiful one on the island, it has crystal clear waters nice white beaches and you can even sometimes find an unused pre-hung hammock on a palm tree! It's at the northernmost part of the island, on the left; just hop on your moto and go!

2. Get a Massage at Mama Tuk's Massage

This is the best massage you will get on the island! Mama Tuk & Co. really know how to take care of you, they always have availability and they give you bananas and chocolate when you're done + if you time it right, you can watch the sunset as you wake up from your $10/60 min massage. WIN!

3. Visit the Waterfalls

The Phaeng Waterfalls are some of the best on the island. Although there are several more like the paradise waterfalls, Than Sadet, & Wangsai, but these were my favorite! When we went, we got POURED on, so much so that we just decided to hop in the water once we got to the top! After I got out I couldn't stop thinking about all the slimy animals that could have been hiding in the water but maybe you'll have good luck like I did and be able to take a nice dip!

4. Go to Saturday's Walking Street Market OR Pantip Night Market if it's not Saturday

These are downtown and so nice. There is PLENTY of yummy food so come with some cash and an empty stomach and you're sure to have a great time.

5. Attend a Full Moon Party or something of the like.

Man, Koh Phangan likes to party. There is pretty much always something happening on that island it seems like. Every day of the week a different place on the island throws a party. There is "Eden", theres one in the jungle whose name I don't remeber, and then of course the full moon party.

I only went unintentionally because the party we wanted to go to was closed and it was my last night, but it's an all-night party. Bring cash and glow paint and you're sure to have a solid time.

Thanks for reading! Hope this guide is useful for you!


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