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Bangkok, Thailand

I've been putting off writing this one forever, obviously because it's almost been like 7/8 months now since I was in Thailand, crazy!

This is a short video I put together of my trip, and below is a map tagged with all of the places I visited! Further down the page is some information about Bangkok, my experience etc etc!


Here is the map of all of the glorious places I saw!

Landing here, I was SO scared. I luckily got a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel I booked. I decided not to stay in the main “Khaosan Road” area for my first stint in Bangkok so I opted for a hotel and it ended up being a little far from the main everything but accessible and easy to hop on the skytrain from.

After I got there and settled, I decided to go walking. I have really learned a lot about TIMING of things while I travel because of this. I have learned in these hot hot countries that it really is best to go out either in the early morning, or after around 5 anywhere from 12-5 and you roast and sweat and are thirsty and miserable and it can really ruin a whole day.

Anyways I went out maybe around 1 or 2 in search of some fooooood. I ended up finding this … mall? Shopping centre with some food stands in the basement where I bought my first Thai soup for 1.20$. This adorable old man served it to me and actually made me cry with his beautiful smile and generous heart. He was so excited that I was trying his soup and so helpful and patient with me in my very timid state.

The next day I set out to explore. Nothing super eventful happened, I did end up accidentally walking down the sketchiest alley of my life in between a BEAUTIFUL Hilton hotel and a very high class mall. Somehow there was a slum in the middle of them and I walked right through it.

The malls in Bangkok are IMPRESSIVE. You can tell that they are important to the society by how much time, money and effort are put into each one, as well as by how many people are inside of all of them. The malls are a practical way to get out of the heat and still get everything you need to get done for the day, done. They have grocery stores, movie theatres and anything else you could possibly think of inside of each one.

I did try to visit as many rooftop bars as possible while I was there so I could take in the immensity of the city and also because I'm obsessed with good sunsets. They’re the perfect way to end each day, reflecting on the beauty and immensity of life and living. A week in Bangkok was A LOT of time, if you are just there for sightseeing. I think 2 or 3 days max is good, I ended up being able to go to some fun coffee shops and get some much needed work done during the hours I didn’t know what to do with.

Kao San Road- Backpackers paradise. Super easy to wander around this area and the surrounding streets for a long time perusing stores with art, clothes, bags, massages and anything else you might think of.

The Grand Palace- I didn't actually do this one in the entirety because I was hot and hungry and not in the mood.

Wat Pho-

Wat Arun-

Wat Saket – The Golden Mount has an enormous, 100m-high, 500m wide chedi (mound-like structure containing Buddhist relics). This is one of my favorite temples in city because of its beautiful golden temple and wonderful views of the city from its top. 344 Chakkraphat Diphong Road, +66 2 478 6010, Open daily from 9am-5pm. Admission is 10 THB.

Wang Lang Market (across from The Grand Palace)

Yaowarat (Chinatown) - at night?

Silom Soi 20 - central Thai morning market

Soi Rambuttri-

Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market-

Wat Benchamabophit – This temple is pictured on the back of the 5-baht coin. The white marble used to contrast the building was imported directly from Italy, and there is a unique blend of both Thai and European architecture and design. In the courtyard, there are 53 Buddha images representing every mudra (gesture) and style from Thai history. This makes it a good place to visually see how Buddha has been represented in Thailand over time. 69 Nakornpathom Road, Dusit, +66 2 281 2501, Admission is 20 THB

Terminal 21 (overall good mall)

Pantip Plaza- Electronics (phone, camera)

Transport from airport: Free hotel shuttle. Metro/ Skytrain, or a bus. I always use google maps which usually gives you updated time tables etc for everything!


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