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5 Places to Eat in Turin, Italy

Not many people know this, but Turin (Torino) was once the capital of Italy, for 5 years before Florence, and before Rome.

It is an incredible city full of college students, rich history, authentic cuisine, and amazing prices. I was so happy to have spent 5 months here exploring and enjoying what the city had to offer.

1. Cammafa- PIZZA! This was by far the busiest, but also one of the best pizzerias I went to in Torino. Although it's hard to go WRONG with pizza in Italy, it's even better when you get the best of the best soft crust, incredibly topped warm melt-in-your-mouth pizzas.

2. Casa del Barolo- I went here with my host family on my birthday and it was lovely. They serve very regional specialties including pasta, salsiccia Bra and other incredible options. They have the option to eat "a la carte" or they have pre-made courses that you can order to get a full experience!

3. La Mangiatoja- this place is awesome. I went here because I was craving an "American sandwich" they use big french white bread baguettes and stuff them to the brim with all sorts of toppings. They have a full wall menu where all your sandwich dreams can come true!

4. La Piadineria- If you go to Turin, you have to try a Piadina. For them, its the quick lunch option and it comes in a wide variety of flavors. When I first saw a board of options I was super overwhelmed but basically, there is 1 meat, like Prosciutto Crudo/ Cotto/ Bresaola/ Salmon and then you add some cheese, and sometimes they have tomatoes (pomodoro) or lettuce too! Feel free to add combine and experiment. They come in a small tortilla-like bread folded in half! Incredible!

5. Eataly Lingotto or Larange- All of the brands of "Eataly" in my experience serve excellent quality, portions and varieties of authentic Italian food!

I thoroughly enjoyed eating at these places when I was living in Turin! I hope you do too! If you need any other help or suggestions, please reach out to me!

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