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Cheers Mate

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

It’s been a few days of hanging out in England now, the time is going way too quickly, it’s Friday and I leave for Italy on Sunday! The last few days have been relaxing, we went walking in this old British town named “Lynmouth” and they had the cutest little shops. We had fish and chips by the sea and I decided that I will only have fish and chips if I’m near the ocean from now on, that way it’s more authentic. No one likes landlocked fish, end of story. I love also just being in and around all of this history. It truly baffles me that all of these structures have been here for so long. They’ve all withstood so many years and they were built without machinery. People before us had such hard and rugged lives, it amazes me that now I feel like things are built worse even though we have so much more technology. I wish we valued craftsmanship more instead of relying on factories and machines. I’ve always joked that I would love to be a carpentress (female carpenter(also ‘carpenter’ is such a strange word, i feel like I’m going to go research its origin)) ***one day, maybe there’s still a chance it could happen. 

Sarah and I went for a horseback ride out on the moors (open fields?). What a thrill. Like actually exhilarating running on horseback through a wide open field, not a lot will give you more adrenaline. I was also nervous considering that last time I was on a horse I broke my knee, but I did great. It rained on us for a bit so it was cold, and we got some incredible pictures. All of the livestock graced us as well. We saw wild ponies, sheep, and even some deer. The english countryside is actually so majestic as well, all of the farms are lined by trees making it look like a grid on a hillside, its like art. Sarah and I were talking about how therapeutic riding truly is as well. It’s such a mental game, you have to battle any anxiety and have a clear mind while you’re riding because your animal can sense your emotions. It’s been a whirlwind of a few days, but I’m so glad I got to spend a few days here.  I’m feeling all sorts of anxious right now as I head to the airport. Everyday feels like the beginning of something new here, it’s such a rush.  I’m so in love with not knowing what will be around every corner, quite literally.  Today Sarah and I ventured into the Camden Markets and I was so thrilled, I’m not sure why but I LOVE markets. I love the business about them, the creativity spewing from each stall and the vibrant sales people that pull you right in. 

London is the best mix of old and new. The consistent contrasts between these modern glass buildings and brick laid apartments and churches. It’s reminiscent of an older time, but also well adapted to modern society, it is wonderful.  The people even hold this juxtaposition of conservative and very liberal. You see the older generation who is reserved and high class, next to an edgy young thing, pushing the boundaries of fashion. 

Emanuela sent me a video of the girls saying hi and that they can’t wait to meet me, it eased so many nerves I had about meeting them and caring for them daily.  Right now, if I had to be honest, I’m nervous about watching them, not because I’m not capable but I’m not sure how emotionally available and invested I’ll be able to be. I want to be, and maybe once I’m there I will be but I’ve been in such a mood of selfishness and laziness, quite honestly.  It’s not so nice admitting that, but I’m hoping they’ll pull the best right out of me and that I’ll be thrown right in! 

** It is so nice reconnecting with Sarah as well, she’s such a good example to me of a life long friend, who I’ve been able to actually trust and keep close with, despite distance. Check @theirhumanity for some portraits I did of her and a little blurb of why I love her SO much. 

*** Carpenter comes from the Latin “Carpentum”, which means “carriage or cart”, originally these people were the cart makers, eventually leading to the term carpenter. 

Thanks for reading! 


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