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Happy New Years!

I'm consistently learning new things about myself, and I think one of those things I learned is that New Years isn't my favorite holiday. A lot of people use this time of year as a "reset" or a time to start fresh, but really I think it's important to be living and acting on your goals daily rather than setting new goals and trying to keep up with these new resolutions.

I do think the New Year is an amazing time to think back and reflect on how much has happened in the year before. Last year at this time I was in a wildly different spot. I was actually working on starting TBD Designs with Niki, I was working on a few interior design projects and hanging out with friends in Denver. I was heartbroken and unsure of what 2018 would bring me. I distinctly remember thinking, "wow, I really have no plans for this entire year, its a blank slate" and it ended up being one of the most incredible years of my life.

This year, I made some of the most incredible friendships of my life, I started a business, I found the cutest apartment downtown and I managed to go to LA, Seattle, Vancouver, Florida, Nebraska, Minnesota, Arizona, Utah, Puerto Rico, Italy, France, England, Thailand and a ton of islands in the Caribbean.

I completed 10+ Interior Design Projects, quit my job and got another. I challenged myself emotionally and physically and have tried to soak up every moment possible.

My goals for this year are:

1. To continue traveling full time with a sustainable income.

2. To maintain my relationships at home, and around the world.

3. To make something. Anything really, but just to be consistently creating.

4. To be aware in my day to day interactions, maybe I could call this being a better listener.

5. To be comfortable in my body, more-so than I am now. Or at least to be proud of it.

I love the fact that as humans we are always able to change and adapt to our surroundings and preferences. Its amazing the different things that hold value and pressure at the different times of life. Right now, a goal of mine is to drink more water, which is not something I would have focused on at home in Colorado.

I hope you guys have an incredible year, if you have nothing planned, don't worry, you can manifest whatever you'd like into this new season. You can choose to change whatever you'd like and start living the life you want to!

Cheers Y'all


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