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How to Not Lose your Wallet, ABROAD!

The other day, while travelling with my grandma’s tour in Germany, I misplaced my wallet. I am a person who stays very calm in situations where a lot of people might panic, but I was also so confused as to why it wasn’t in my purse like I was so positive it should have been that I didn’t have the mental capacity to panic.

I say misplaced because when we finally found it, it was quite literally just in the wrong place. On my way off of the bus, I tossed it into my grandmas backpack knowing I didn’t want to take it off the bus to risk losing it. Usually I inadvertently take these steps to help myself but this time It messed me up because I wasn’t paying attention

Anyways, I thought I would make a list of a few tips for you regarding your wallet, money and traveling so you can use the best practices.

1. Have a consistent place where your wallet lives.

Whether its a bag, a backpack, a pocket or whatever, if you can always have your wallet in the same place, then it will become muscle memory to put it back in that place.

2. Have a picture and print copy of your passport and ID somewhere.

This is vital. In the off chance that your wallet does get lost, you will be saved by having this copy to be able to bring to the embassy to save your butt!

3. Keep cash/cards in multiple places-

By doing this, if you lose one thing, or something gets taken from you, you will have backups. I never used to practice this until right now. When I realised that my wallet was gone I realised that all my cards, my ID and my passport were gone too, all together, at once.

4. Be aware of your surroundings-

Usually, all across the world, I have felt very safe. As long as you are smart about where you go, and when and with who, usually you won’t run into many problems. Simply being a little more alert can save you a lot of hassle. It doesn’t hurt to wear your backpack backwards in crowded areas or subways, to lock your zippers or to hold your purse a little tighter.

5. Use RFID fabric!

This issue has never happened to me, but I’m also not trying to take any risks! RFID fabric is in a lot of wallets and travel bags and protects your credit cards against thieves stealing your cards number etc.

Thanks so much for reading; I hope this tip helped you out! I am so grateful that in reality my wallet was never lost but just misplaced. Talk about a heart attack! Maybe next time I'll do a blog about why panicking doesn’t solve anything!

Cheers guys, talk soon!



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