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The Ocean Life

So. I have good and bad news and some general news too I suppose! I made it to Thailand, it’s incredible. My hair is happy and my skin is loving it and the people are so nice and the food is amazing.

I spent my first few days in Bangkok, and wow. There’s probably a whole blog post right there. It’s such a crazy city, I’ve never seen a city so big before in my life, it stretches for miles and miles, skyscrapers and roads, it’s insane. That, and I swear on my life its’ electrical grid is extremely unstable, I have never seen some cords like that in my life people. It’s a whole thing, I’ll post some pictures for you.

Bangkok taught me a few things:

Asia is huge.

I am capable of more than I know.

Although it was intimidating, I easily maneuvered and managed sight seeing in the city. I also realized I don’t like being a tourist, I prefer the time to actually slowly see everything without feeling rushed, and maybe just doing one or two a day.

You can find cool people wherever you go. When you’re meant to meet people, you will.  

I really love meeting people by chance, just happening upon them. In Bangkok, I luckily got reservations for a restaurant that was just featured on Netflix. The guy who sat next to me (who was also alone) struck up a conversation and we ended up moving tables and having an incredible dinner together. It made me realize how much I enjoy company instead of doing things alone.

On Friday, I took an overnight bus to Koh Phangan, the island I will be living on for the next few months.

The good news is, I made it safely, along with all of my things etc. I also love the place where I get to work, and the people have already been so super sweet and accommodating and it feels like home already, which I guess is some other good news. For those of you who don’t know, I’m staying at a hostel/hotel and I get to live here for free and have some meals every day and its right on the ocean. We swim and work and were generally just improving everything, and I would love it if everyone I knew could come stay here for a week or two.

Okay so now the bad news, I’m typing this entire thing on my phone because Saturday morning when I opened my computer, it was completely crashed somehow. I think the earth is trying to teach me a lesson about material possessions and their importance, but the stupid thing is that running an online business is nearly impossible without a computer, for starters, and secondly it’s really difficult to go to an Apple store when you live on a remote island. The ironic part too, is for the last 3 months I was living like walking distance from one, but as soon as I move to an island, it crashes.

So, for now I’m not sure exactly what to do. I will try and get by using my phone and then maybe buy a cheap replacement.

If it calls on your heart strings to donate to the “Rachel needs a laptop to run a remote online business abroad” fund, I’ll leave my Venmo info at the bottom. I know none of you are inclined to since I’m living on the beach right now ;) I understand.

I’ll def write soon! I haven’t had any crazy things happen on the island yet, but I’m sure they’re coming! Talk soon!

Venmo @stronggirl23


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