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Torino Toro

So. I’ve been working a little on researching other blogs and seeing how they do their posts, so I gave my blog a little update. It is still not entirely finished, but slowly, hopefully it will be beautiful and popular and so, we shall see how it goes. ​I did add a "photography" section, where you can look through my photos from my trips, along with my other Instagram page called "their humanity". If I haven't told you about it, its kind of just portraits of important people in my life, and why they're important to me or how they've influenced me. It's pretty neat. 

My Sunday blogs will consist of personal matters, growth, development etc. I think maybe I will try and write another for Wednesday and then Friday. Maybe each will be categorically themed as well. Maybe coffee? Or Au Pair advice, city guides? Not sure quite yet. I am now, in a new city. From now until December, I will live in Torino/Turin. I am excited for the change, and my new family is incredible. Turin is home to many incredible things, as it used to be the capital of Italy. I will probably be writing a little city guide for you all in case you ever come here or want to visit ;) I have already connected with an Au Pair group in Turin as well so hopefully I can make some cool friends too!

I think it’s interesting to note, for me at least the difference in how “brave” people think you need to be to travel, and how “brave” I actually am. I think it all comes in levels. I have met several girls that are 18, doing this from all over the world. More than brave because of the travel, I think it’s brave to be out of my comfort zone and learning, but it’s also one of the most exciting things. I was thinking today, about how many millions of times I have driven up and down Union in Colorado Springs, and how here, I have never driven on a street. It really tossed things into perspective for me because I hated being home so much, I was so sick of the same views, the same people all of it. I’m sure people here feel that way about Turin, but i think thats why were MEANT to travel. I didn’t see anything today that I have seen before, how incredible is that? Anyways, this is me telling you, it’s SO possible to travel, it’s SO possible to find work abroad, it’s so possible to see the world. Sometimes I feel like there’s not enough time for all of the opportunities I want to seize. YOU could do this too, I promise.

Anyways, this is me telling you to seize whatever opportunities are calling you this week, or whatever thing you’ve been wanting to work on but haven’t. #justdoit

Oh, also the title, "Torino Toro" is because the city mascot is a bull, and there is a golden bull in one of the main "Piazzas" and you're supposed to do a spin, counter clockwise on it, with your foot on the bottom and make a wish. I just loved that tradition for starters, but I also realized I don't have much to wish for right now. Im so super happy with life and the choices I'm making to get myself where I want to be.

What would you guys wish for? 

Thanks for reading, like always,


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